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TninkGraph is a graphic editor for drawing concept maps
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TninkGraph is a graphic editor for drawing concept maps. This program contains many interesting and useful features. It provides you with tools to move and design elements. With ThinkGraph you can draw maps with different layouts: vertical, horizontal, topic maps; and different styles: boxes, lines, branches. The program saves data in SVG format, so then you can open it in a vector editor, for example, Inkscape. ThinkGraph supports full screen mode and provides you with the 'export to Word' function. Another great feature is that you can create Hypertext links. To create the links just click on the left button of the mouse and select the 'Properties' option and, using the Microsoft Explorer Navigator, record the link by selecting the 'Bookmarks' option – 'save current address'. You can design your map using four types of frames, three fonts and unlimited colors. Besides, it is possible to add images to your map. The program comes with a Bitmap image library. You can take these images or use your own ones.

ThinkGraph has poor export/import functions: it imports only IE and XML files and exports PNG, JPEG and BMP formats. At last, ThinkGraph can be used as a personal organizer and project manager. When you open the 'Preference' dialog, you’ll see the 'Filter' option. Here you can point out the start and end date of the task and fill in the personal data fields in the 'Person' option.

Julia Galygo
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  • Many design tools
  • Offers various map layouts and styles
  • Hypertext link feature
  • Can be used also as organizer and project manager
  • Integrated with Internet Explorer
  • Free


  • Poor export/import functions
  • Works slowly
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